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Wheel Rim Maintenance And Abrasion Repair
- Apr 28, 2017 -

Wheel rim like car "shoe", perfect the vehicle model, if match with a pair of very general "shoe", so the overall image will be discounted, so don't ignore the wheel equipped vehicles. The visual impression of the wheel boss is the first, and it is this seemingly insouciant place that shows the owner's taste properly.

When the wheel rim surface is difficult to remove stains, should choose professional cleaning agents, this mild cleansing agents can effectively remove stains, reduce the damage on the surface of aluminum alloy. In addition, the wheel rim itself has a metal protective film, so be careful not to use paint polish or other abrasive material when cleaning. Also be careful in driving process, to avoid scratches to the rim "indifference", once the scratch or deformation, should as soon as possible to repair and repaint the processing.


Here are the steps to fix:

1、Check the scar, if not damage to the inside of the wheel rim, can be mended simply, use paint diluent, wipe scar around, remove dirt.

2、The deepest part of the scratch is hard to remove from the dirt, and the toothpick can be thoroughly cleaned.

3、To prevent the wrong part from being painted, it is best to stick the tape around the wound.

4、Finish the tip of the brush, apply the varnish, and make a slight contraction after drying. It's best to make a slight bulge.

5、After the painting, it may take a week to dry completely. Apply water to soap and water to smooth the surface after drying.

6、After using waterproof paper, rub the light with a mixture and then wax it.