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What Is The Difference Between Disc Brakes And Drum Brake Discs?
- May 05, 2017 -

Disc brakes (discs) are divided into ordinary disc and ventilated disc. Briefly,Ordinary discs are solid.Ventilated disc (Vented Disc) has a ventilation effect. Refers to the car in the movement by the air convection generated and the centrifugal force.Therefore, to achieve the purpose of cooling,it depends on the particular structure of  the disc.From the outside,It has a lot of holes in the circle in the center of the hole,these holes are made by a special process (slotteded & drilled).Therefore, it is better than many ordinary disc cooling effect.


Because of the manufacturing process and cost,class cars in general, the general front ventilated disc, the ordinary disc brakes,part of the limousine is used in front and rear ventilated disc.However, economy cars are mostly used in front plate after the drum brake pads.


The front panel used here, in general,it is only ordinary discs rather than ventilation pan.It is worth mentioning that the use of ventilation discs in the front wheels is gradually replacing to use in the solid disk.


The drum brakes have a ring-shaped cast iron piece, which is called a brake drum.It is fixed with the tire and rotates at the same speed. Disc brakes have better reactivity and stability, It also has a good heat dissipation. The cost of drum brakes is relatively low, It's absolutely braking force higher,so it is much used in the rear wheels of small cars.