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What Are The Three Factors To Consider When Choosing Wheel Rim?
- May 09, 2017 -


Three factors to consider when choosing a wheel rim


Do not let the wheel rim becomes arbitrarily large. 

Someone to improve the performance of the car and let the wheels larger,in the tire diameter does not change the case,large hub is bound to match the wide and flat tires, the lateral swing of the car is small, the stability is improved, the car is more prone to turn. But the tires more flat,the thickness of the tire becomes very thin,damping performance becomes very poor,the comfort of the car will be worse.

 In general, according to the size of the original wheel rim to increase one or two sizes is the most appropriate.

Shape ,Three distance

Complex structure, dense wheel is indeed very beautiful,but in the car wash when it is easy to be staff refused to clean or ask you to pay more money,because it is too much trouble to clean up. 

The simple wheels have sporty feel and also make people feel clean very much. Currently most popular alloy wheels compared with the previous cast-iron wheels. Deformation resistance is greatly improved, a significant reduction in weight, Car power loss is small, running up fast, Fuel-efficient and good heat dissipation.