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To Solve The Special Adhesive Bonding Technology
- Jan 19, 2017 -

(1) the brake pads on the friction plate is completely off the repair, it is appropriate first steel plate on the residual friction plate polished in the net (the best sandblasting treatment), with the No. I emery cloth to the new friction surface to be coated surface polished 2- 3 times, then the use of plastic cat requirements with plastic, rubber, pressure 300 ^ -500kPa, heating (60-80 ℃) curing.

(2) the brake pads on the repair of local defects in the defect, the first part of the rough grinding rough, and washed with a No. Jing Jing clean. And then the preparation of the friction pad repair glue, that is, in the No. 3 Manley Addition of appropriate amount of 15 reinforcing agent and asbestos wool (must be dried) to fully stir well, then the defect site heated to 45 ℃, Apply a layer of polyethylene plastic film, as soon as possible into a special special pressurized tools, pressure, heating (80 C2h) curing.