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Those About The Mystery Of The Brake Pads
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Brake pads in the car's braking system is the most critical safety parts, all the braking effect is good or bad brake pads play a decisive role, the brake pads generally by the steel plate, bonding insulation layer and friction block, which is Composed of non-heat transfer material, the purpose is to heat. The friction block is composed of friction material, adhesive, brake is squeezed in the brake disc or brake drum on the friction, so as to achieve the purpose of vehicle braking.

Due to friction, the friction block will gradually be worn, in general, the lower the cost of the brake pads wear faster. After the use of friction material to replace the brake pads, or steel plate and brake disc will be in direct contact, and ultimately lose the braking effect and damage the brake disc.

Car brakes are divided into types

Brake pads for disc brakes

Brake shoe for drum brakes

Used to make a large truck

The same time as the above- 

From the recipe technology points are:


Less metal


 半金属刹车片1.jpg 半金属刹车片4.jpg

Brake drum is loaded with brake shoes, but most people call the brake pads on the brake pads and brake shoes, so use the "disc brake pads" to specify the disc brakes installed brake pads. Not a brake disc. Here we analyze the car is now the most commonly used disc brake pads

In fact, many owners do not know their own models need what kind of brake pads, went to the 4S shop only listen to the command of the car, not knowing that this will be very hurt.

Now on the market many of the brake pads to let consumers dazzled Now let us introduce several

Semi-metallic brake pads

Basically all the cars when the factory brake pads are this formula, of course, this brake is the cheapest drawings

This friction coefficient is relatively low friction coefficient of 0.38 short life expectancy, when some manufacturers to do this brake pads to do a high coefficient of friction, of course, this is also a disadvantage of prone to noise. General Japanese cars on the use of this brake is very easy to produce noise, of course, this is also inextricably linked with the brake disc. 

Less metal brakes

The price of this brake pad is slightly higher than the semi-metal formula brake pads, of course, the performance will be higher, this type of brake pads are mid-range, but in the eyes of consumers do not recognize the drawings

In fact, the cost of this brake is still very high, of course, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish the difference between the brake pads and semi-metal brakes so it is difficult to choose, which is why consumers do not recognize the reason (this formula is suitable for any car system)

Aramid copper fiber brakes

This type of brake pads superior to the above two, of course, the price and performance is also high, good manufacturers will be in this formula to join the brake pads aramid (aramid to do body armor material). With photos

Aramid price is also very high, in the case of copper and aramid greatly improved the life of the brake pads and braking performance, the other did not have any good introduction (this formula is suitable for any car system)

High-end ceramic brakes

Now on the market a lot of ceramic brakes, of course, there are different manufacturers to do the ceramic brake pads are not the same, homogeneous performance are similar (with photos)

Ceramic brakes in the raw materials, of course, ceramic fiber, we all know that the ceramic is very hard and wear-resistant, different manufacturers of ceramic brakes using the raw material is not the same as the ceramic brake pads themselves price difference (ceramic fiber 20,000 The price difference) also led to the difference between the price of ceramic fiber and the poor, of course, this difference in the eyes of consumers can not tell, even if the manufacturers are difficult to distinguish only use after the quality will be good In the poor. The real ceramic brakes also contain aramid fiber in terms of service life and brake pad performance are far superior to the above formula brake pads.