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The Truck Is Made Of Aluminum Alloy Wheels
- Nov 01, 2017 -

The wheel is composed of three parts: hub, rim and spoke. The wheel is a rotating assembly that connects the wheel and the axle, and the rim is the component that fixes the tire. The spokes are the components that support the rim and the hub. After continuous improvement, in the modern forging process technology conditions, the hub has become a functional overall component.

The hub is responsible for the weight of the carrier, transmission power, tire cooling and other functions, and as a rotating motion parts, the wheels with a certain degree of stiffness under the premise must meet the light, fatigue, dynamic balance and other conditions. Compared with the use of steel wheels, the vast majority of passenger cars on the assembly of aluminum alloy wheels significantly reduce the weight of the same size and the same strength conditions, the quality of aluminum alloy wheels only half of the steel wheel, light Of the aluminum alloy wheels not only make the vehicle power performance better, but also significantly enhance the vehicle's fuel-efficient performance and wheel cooling performance.

Aluminum alloy wheels as an important achievement of lightweight technology, whether it is suitable for use on trucks has been controversial. There is a view that aluminum wheels should be the standard in the high-end trucks. Those who hold this view believe that the progress of forging technology and aluminum wheels in the realization of the advantages of lightweight vehicles to determine the aluminum alloy wheels in the truck has a broad application prospects.

Another point of view is that the use of aluminum alloy wheels wheel is a bit too extravagant. I query on the Alibaba, Yancheng Anqi Tire Co., Ltd. production of forged aluminum alloy wheel single price of 2400 yuan, while the ordinary steel wheel price is four or five hundred dollars, that is a single aluminum alloy wheel than the price of steel wheels The price of your 2,000 yuan or so. Ordinary 6 × 4 heavy tractors need to use 10 wheels, trailers need to use 12 wheels, if the tractor and trailer are using aluminum alloy wheels, the price is more expensive than the use of steel wheels about 40,000 yuan. For a value of three or four hundred thousand role in the heavy truck, 40,000 yuan is not a small number. The use of aluminum alloy wheels in terms of lightweight and cooling performance has a lot of advantages, but compared to the extra cost of 40,000 yuan equipment, the use of aluminum alloy hub is worth a question mark. At present, most of the domestic truck is the use of steel wheels, aluminum wheels in the replacement will face a lot of trouble.

Previously, the author interviewed Sichuan Chengdu Star Star Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. learned that the distribution of its Mercedes-Benz truck wheels are still used for steel wheels. After the service manager said that if the customer needs, you can replace the steel wheels for the aluminum alloy wheels, but the price will be a corresponding increase in the import of trucks in the replacement parts recommended the use of original parts in the replacement parts of this, the aluminum alloy wheels are not better than steel Wheel trouble.

In the road transport industry as a whole in the low profit situation, the cost of efficiency is the logistics companies and retail investors are thinking about the problem, lightweight as an important measure to reduce costs and efficiency, truck manufacturers spare no effort to develop lightweight technology, and marketing Publicity section of a big fuss. Aluminum alloy wheels are just to meet the truck manufacturers and users to reduce the efficiency of the real needs. But the promotion of aluminum alloy wheels can not solve the high cost of the problem, the enthusiasm of the truck business may encounter cold market. Truck manufacturers need to actively promote the aluminum alloy wheels at the same time, consider how to reduce costs in order to balance and choose between the ideal and reality.