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The Replacement Cycle Of The Brake Pads Of An Automobile
- Jan 19, 2017 -

The brake pads consist of a layer of friction, layers, layers of glue, and other components of the insulating material. Brake friction material disc brake brake pads, brake cylinder push through the friction is therefore particularly important. Some of the material friction brakes have strong braking effects but a longer life, some sweet but very good, we can see that the brake friction material quality of life is directly related to the performance of brake friction material in this brake.

Brake replacement cycle may be some controversy of the main cycle to replace the repair shop owners want to expand the driver, repair shop want to shorten the replacement cycle ... Perhaps most owners encounter this situation, the owner went to the repair shop 4S shop Maintenance, storage, just look at your car mileage, as soon as possible to change the brake pads ... ... not the general car owners can be directly replaced, in fact, there are several times when the brakes do not need to replace the brake pads must be replaced not only Mile, the actual thickness of the brakes is the most important.