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The Material Of The Brake Disc
- Apr 28, 2017 -

The material that makes the brake disc is roughly divided into two types: carbon fiber and cast iron. Carbon fiber brakes are very hot and very light, but they are relatively expensive, so they are only used in sports such as F1. In general, cast iron as the raw material of the brake disc, according to the form of graphite content can be roughly divided into FC cast iron/CV cast iron/FCD cast iron. FC cast iron has the advantage of easy processing, wear-resisting, easy mass production, so many original factory brake disc is m


ade of this cast iron. But the material also has disadvantages, such as in the high temperature area (above 600 ℃) repeatedly heating cooling will produce deformation or cracks. FCD cast iron is a very good material with a ductile that is comparable to steel and high heat resistance. But the other side of the surface is soft on the surface, which is very high if it is used as a raw material for the brake disc.  

CV cast iron the material is between FC iron and FCD cast iron material, but in the process of manufacturing, quality control is very difficult, its performance is easy to FC or FCD cast iron, cast iron is difficult to grasp the stability. DIXCEL USES a variety of different car types to make the final use of the special additive FC cast iron. Original product generally use intensity is FC150 ~ 200 materials (FC here as a strength of units), and the intensity of commonly used DIXCEL FC200 ~ 250 high corrosion-resistant materials, also do their efforts, in terms of additive response to temperature changes more effectively. Of course, the accuracy and balance are not to mention the high level of consistency.