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The Main Advantage Of Ceramic Brakes
- Aug 07, 2017 -

Ceramic brakes are made of ceramic fibers, iron-free stuffing materials, adhesives and small amounts of metal, including mineral fibers, aramid fibers and ceramic fibers (because steel fibers are rusty, noise and dust highly, and therefore can not meet the ceramic type The requirements of the formula), the ceramic brakes lighter and more expensive than other brake pads, ceramic-type brake pads are cleaner and quiet, and in the provision of excellent braking performance at the same time, do not wear pairs of pieces.


Here to introduce the main advantages of ceramic brakes:

1. No abnormal sound: After installation, in the ongoing driving, will not produce abnormal clamor (that is, scratched sound). Because the ceramic brake pads do not contain metal components, so to avoid the traditional metal brakes and dual pieces (that is, brake pads and brake discs) rubbing metal clamor at the same time .

2. Extended brake disc life: the use of ceramic brakes, the brake disc will not appear on the scraper (ie scratches), to extend the original car brakes 20% of the service life at the same time .

3. High temperature: ceramic brake pads The current civilian-grade products, high temperature of 400 +50 degrees, enough to meet the normal use of civilian vehicles (the original vehicle brake pads high temperature of 260 degrees). Especially for mountain terrain vehicles. Due to the characteristics of ceramic heat dissipation, so the factory structure in the above can be adjusted to varying degrees, to meet a variety of customer needs at the same time.

4. Brake performance: the use of ceramic brakes, the customer is reflected in the brakes with the past, there are pedal soft situation, in fact, this is one of the characteristics of ceramic brakes, brake performance. Due to the rapid cooling of ceramic materials, so for the manufacture of brakes, the product of the friction coefficient should be higher than the friction coefficient of metal brakes. After the installation of ceramic brakes, the normal driving 5 to 20 km, that will obviously feel the changes in the foot when the brakes, according to 100 owners of the data show that the installation of ceramic brakes after the vehicle's braking performance generally increased by 20% to 30%