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The Brake Disc Manufacturer tell You To Choose The High Quality Brake Pads
- May 12, 2018 -

   With the improvement of people's living standard, there are more and more cars, but if we choose the inferior brakes accidentally, it is the same as to bury a time bomb for their own car. It is the braking system that concerns the safety of people's lives in automobile parts, and the brake parts that directly affect the reliability of vehicle braking are brake pads. The harm of using fake and shoddy brake pads is obvious. How can we ensure the selection of qualified products? The following is exclusive to you.

    Check whether the brake disc is pure accessories, first to see whether the product packaging is intact, anti counterfeiting signs and packaging logo and the logo on the brake disc are consistent, the product model is consistent with the content of the certificate. The brake pad produced by the regular manufacturer is quite clear, with the license number, the specified friction coefficient, the execution standard and so on. The packing box has the qualification certificate, the production batch number, the production date and so on.

    Whether it is disc brake or drum brake disc, the manufacturer strictly stipulates its thickness, car owners can take their own driving brake pad for comparison and field measurement.

    From the price point of view, some shops and auto repair shops will sell at a price below the price of genuine products. However, in view of the fact that they often charge for the brand products, the owners should purchase or replace them at the stores or special maintenance points.

    In particular, I would like to remind you that you should try to use pure and complete supporting products. Because the requirements of the quality of the supporting products are very strict, the international quality standard is adopted, and the strict quality test is passed before the factory is passed, and it is the "good" product in the automobile brake. The ordinary brake pad products are processed according to their domestic quality standards, and the standard parameters are lower than international standards. And dealers for profit purposes, and the use of the general users of the lack of professional knowledge, most of you recommend the low price low profit of ordinary products or even inferior products. And wise customers should start from their own safety and choose the best supporting products according to their own models.

    The normal driving vehicle, the service life of the brake disc of the front brake is 30 thousand kilometers, and the service life of the brake disc of the rear brake is 120 thousand kilometers. With the original brake pad of the original factory, especially the supporting products, the related safety accidents will not appear in this period.