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The Advantages Of Ceramic Brake Discs
- Jun 21, 2017 -

Ceramic plate weight is only half of the ordinary cast iron plate, for example, the use of ceramic brake SLR MCLAREN, the front wheel brake disc diameter of 370mm but weighs only 6.4 kg. The use of ordinary brake disc CL-CLASS its front plate diameter of 360mm but the weight up to 15.4 kg.


A lighter brake disc means a weight reduction under suspension. This allows the suspension system to react more quickly, thus improving the overall level of control of the vehicle. In addition, the ordinary brake discs are prone to thermal recession due to high heat under full braking, and ceramic brake discs are effective and stable against heat decay, and their heat resistance is many times higher than that of conventional brake discs.


Ceramic discs can produce the greatest braking force at the initial stage of the brake, so there is no need for brakes to increase the system, while the overall braking is faster and shorter than the traditional brake system. To resist high heat, the brake piston and brake lining Between the blocks of ceramic insulation, ceramic brakes have extraordinary durability, if the normal use is life-free replacement, and ordinary cast iron brake discs generally use a few years to replace.