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Sudden Failure Of The Brakes Or Braking Performance
- Jan 19, 2017 -

Fault reason 1: brake pads suddenly broken, the brake pedal linkage loosening, brake booster pump oil leakage or pipe blockage and so on. Some car brake quality, however off, in the fierce braking will suddenly break. Some car brake control mechanism problems, although the pedal to step down, but the pedal force can not be changed in time for the braking force. Brake failure is often accompanied by brake deviation, the direction of the car more difficult to control.

Response: immediately to the maintenance station maintenance.

Failure reason 2: brakes wet, brake pads temperature is too high, excessive brake wear.

Response: If the car has just waded or washed off, the brake pads are likely to be wet, the braking effect will be relatively poor. Owners need a few places in the car gently test brakes, the brakes on the water can be squeezed dry to restore the performance of the brake.