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Left And Right Brake Pad Are Inconsistent How Is It?
- Nov 01, 2017 -

A few days ago a ridicer asked: how about the rear brake pad wear inconsistent? At that time, simply think of the thought of the reply, and later think there should be more likely to lead to this problem, so here to sum up, interested to understand the together to see it:

First of all to say is that as long as the brake pad around the difference is not great, are normal. To know the car in different pavement, different corners of the four wheel force, speed and so on are inconsistent, the braking force will be inconsistent, so the brake skin wear deviation is normal.

And now the car most of the ABS system with EBD (electronic brake power distribution), and some more standard ESP (electronic body stability system), the wheels of the braking force are "on-demand distribution".

First, the working principle of brake pads

Each wheel brake pad is composed of two inner and outer sides, which are connected by two telescopic rods. When the brakes are braked, the two brake pads hold the brake disc. When the brake is released, the two brake pads move on both sides along the telescopic rod , Leaving the brake disc.

Second, the reasons why the brake pad wear and tear caused how inconsistent

1, the speed of wear and tear is mainly with the brake disc and brake pads have a direct relationship between the material, so the uneven brake material is a possible;

2, often turn the brakes, left and right wheel force imbalance, this will lead to wear inconsistency;

3, there is a side of the brake disc may be deformed;

4, brake cylinder return is inconsistent, such as one side of the pump back to the bolt dirty;

5, about the length of the brake tubing a little bit difference;

6, telescopic rod sealed by the rubber seal, but if the water or the lack of lubrication, the rod can not be free to stretch, brake the outside of the film can not leave the brake disc, brake pads will be additional wear;

7, brake on both sides of the brake time is inconsistent;

8, suspension problem;

It can be seen that, in general, this situation should be due to unilateral brake or unilateral delay caused by. If it is the same wheel of the two brake pads uneven wear and tear, should focus on checking the brake pad material is consistent, the brake cylinder is good return, the pump bracket is deformed. If the wear and tear between the left and right wheels is uneven, should focus on checking the coaxial left and right brake braking time is consistent, whether the suspension deformation, suspension body floor deformation, suspension coil spring stretch is.