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How To Check Whether The Brake Pad And Brake Discs Are Thinned
- Oct 23, 2017 -

In the car's braking system, the brake pad are the most critical safety parts, all the braking effect is good or bad brake pad play a decisive role, so that good brake pad are the protection of God and the car. On the other hand the brake pad are also a class of consumables, with the passage of time, the brake pad will be aging, problems and experts advise, in the usual use of the vehicle to learn to determine whether the brake should be replaced.

With a simple way to check the brake pad and brake disc is thin, you can use a small flashlight to observe the inspection, when the inspection found that the brake pad of the black friction material quickly wear, when the brake disc surface has been worn to more than 1 mm depth , It must be replaced. Four-wheel brake system is divided into brake pad and brake discs two parts, the brake pad are made of black friction material, each wheel assembly pair. Brake discs are made of bright white alloy material, one for each wheel. The brake pad are attached to the brake disc and the brake pad are smaller in size than the brake discs.

Brake pad and brake disc replacement time cycle is not fixed, depending on the vehicle driving road conditions, the driver step on the brake pedal frequency and intensity, the general brake pad replacement mileage is about 25000-30000 km per trip. Four-wheel brake pad do not need to be replaced, but must be replaced before the first two or two wheels.