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How To Check The Daily Traffic Brake Pads To Replace The Brake Pads
- Jan 19, 2017 -

A new thickness of the brake pads (not including the thickness of the back sheet of steel brakes) generally 10mm or so, when the naked eye to see the thickness of the brake pads have been only 1/3 of the original thickness of about 3mm, the owner will increase self- Frequency, ready to replace. Usually less than 1mm thickness needs to be replaced immediately, each brake pads on both sides of a protrusion of the logo, the thickness of the signs in 2-3mm or so, which is the thinnest brake disc replacement limit, if the brake pads Thickness has been parallel with the logo, the old driver to remind must be replaced immediately.

If the brakes at the same time with the light "iron rub iron," the slightest sound, brake pads at this time proposed replacement. Because the brake pads on both sides of the limit mark has been directly friction plate, to prove that brake pads have exceeded the limit. Encounter such a situation, the replacement of the brakes at the same time with the brake disc to check, there is often such a brake disc has been damaged, this time even if the replacement of the new brakes still can not eliminate the sound, serious need to replace the brake disc .