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How Often Do The Brake Pads And Brakes Disc Change
- Feb 25, 2017 -

Brake pads and brake discs are the most important parts of the vehicle.They touch the ground, but also  brakes, abrasive weared every day.How to maintain these places, the security performance of the vehicle, especially the brake system, there is no basic fault is good.How to identify the problems of brake pads and brake discs?


First: the brake pads are easy to wear, most general front brake 30 thousand kilometers replacement, after about 60 thousand to replace the rear wheel hub brake 150 thousand kilometers, do not ignore it, but this is not necessarily love step with fast, do not love the brakes with slow. 

Second:  brake disc is running out, grinding thin, most of them are the 4 round  limit alarm, but also in front of the 2 electronic alarm, the latter  limit of 2 pieces of alarm, the 4 round of electronic alarm is very  little.Electronic alarm is very intuitive, there is a display on the instrument, when the brake pads wear thin, grinding off the limit of the wire, the instrument will alarm.

The limit piece alarm is a metal limiting piece on the pad side, when worn thin to limit when the limit sheet and the brake disc friction sound shrill, it is telling the owner quickly wear finished.And it's the time to change the brakes.


Third: brake disc is basically available for life, why do you say that?

Because this part as long as the hub assembly is not short of oil, lubrication system is not a problem, the bearing is often maintained, the brake disc can be used for life, except for special circumstances, such as crash.If you don't change your brake pads,then your brake disc will be weared.

Many people do not know the car brakes, they hear the voice, do not know the reason, think of a good run, the brake is also continued to open, they want to wait for a maintenance check, or delayed a few days to go check, till the result come out ,  the brake disc'life is over, the brake disc must be replaced right now.

Brake disc are more expensice than the brake pad, many cars set a disc Lahua, to replace the 2 coaxial disk.You ask the price? What ever, you can not change the disk, the replacement of the brake pads, non-stop change.

As soon as you step on the brakes, you hear a continuous, harsh friction, and immediately check to replace the brake pads.

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