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How Do I Check The Vehicle's Brake Disc?
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Brake Disc are friction brackets for disc brakes. In addition to the strength and rigidity required for the components, the friction coefficient should be as high as possible and the proper wear resistance, heat resistance, heat dissipation And heat capacity.

A brake is a component in a braking system that generates a braking force that hinders vehicle movement or movement. In addition to a variety of slow brake devices, almost all the use of fixed components and rotating parts of the working surface friction to produce brake torque friction brake. At present, all kinds of cars widely used friction brake according to the different rotating elements can be divided into drum and disc two categories. The difference between them is that the rotating element in the friction brake of the drum brake is a brake drum and its cylindrical surface is the working surface. The rotating element in the disc brake friction plate is a disc-shaped brake disc, For the working surface.

(1) Visual inspection Check the brake disc surface with or without uneven wear, cracks and serious damage. If this is the case, replace the brake disc.

(2) beating check

1) Use the wheel nut to secure the brake disc to the hub (2 or more positions).

2) Use the dial indicator (dial indicator) to check the brake disc end runout (measured at 10mm inside the edge of the brake disc).

3) If the amount of beating exceeds the specified value after performing the above operation, replace or use the lathe to process the brake disc.

(3) thickness inspection

Use the micrometer to check the thickness of the brake disc, the maximum thickness difference on the same circumference is less than or equal to 0.01mm. If the thickness is less than the wear limit, replace the brake disc.