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How Can We Diagnose Brake Failures Correctly?
- Jul 04, 2017 -

When the car is drived to acertain mileage, various problems will follow quickly. Then if one of the phenomenos below appear, we’re supposed to consider whether the brakes have failures, and you’d better sent your car to the maintenance center.

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1.   Brake pedal with long distance

This phenomenom is caused by the brake fluid, which may be in a low or poor condition. If we have water inside the system, at hot conditions would create vapor which will reduce car braking efficiency.  We need to check if some brake hose is broken too.

2.   Brake pedal with short distance

Perhaps, components of extension or retraction of moving parts are defective.

3.   Spongy pedal

Mainly caused by the deformation of brake hoses, the fluid pressure tends to expand the hose. In this condition, we’d better test the whole brake system.

4.    The wheel is stuck

When I get into this trouble, I will consider about if some part of system does not work properly, or maybe the brake pad is defective that leads to the cable of handbrake being engaged, but which still works when the brake is removed.

5.   Brake pedal vibration

There are too many reasons to cause this problem; you’d better check the brake pads, brake discs or other components. In this situation we highly recommend a brake disc check.

6.   The brake pads are too hot

It is possible that the friction material quality were too bad, so braking system loses its performance and effectiveness. And in that moment, I suggest you to stop your car immediately, wait until the brake system has cold down. If the friction material is not good enough, brake pads could go up inflames, make sure you always choose a high quality brake pads.

7.   Car swings to the side when braking

If tires pressure and equilibration is ok, you will need to take a look at your brake pads. If you‘ll find it very dirty, crystallized or impregnated with grease we should reconsider a replacement of the whole axle.

Therefore, the experts recommend check the brake system at least once a year, and if you find any damage piece, please, replace it as quick as possible.

For your own and the other safety, keep the brakes in a good condition at any moment.