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Frankfurt International Automobile Exhibition In 2017
- Jun 07, 2017 -

Baotai went to the United Arab Emirates Dubai to participate in the Frankfurt auto parts exhibition, Frankfurt  international automobile exhibition for the European and Asian automotive market participants to provide a professional exchange platform, for enterprises to enter the surrounding areas of the automotive market to provide convenient conditions to help exhibitors and local and neighboring buyers to establish contact.

Participate in the exhibition photo


In this exhibition, the staff of Baotai very cherish the opportunity to learn exchange, through the exhibition with foreign friends exchanges, Baotai more determined after the future direction: to provide customers with first-class products and the best service!



1. Parts and accessories: drive system, chassis part, body part, standard parts, car interior, original drive unit replacement parts, charging parts, passenger cars and commercial vehicle recycling

2. Electronic system, engine electronic control system, lights, electrical system, driver assistance system / car safety, comfortable electronic system

3. Accessories and modified general fittings, car modification, design improvement, custom, wheel rim, tire, tire pressure control system, trailer, trailer spare parts etc.

However Baotai adopts domestic and foreign leading production equipment and advanced technology formula and produces brake discs, brake block, wheels, tires, etc, which are suitable for the domestic and international market demand, the perfect technology, advanced equipment and strict quality control system can ensure the quality of products in the leading position in domestic and abroad.


At present, the company cooperates with many famous auto companies, and supporting the production of car plates, brake pads, wheel bearings, tires and other system components for Mercedes-benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, Land-Roverand other big, medium-sized, and small auto parts company.

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