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Features Of Aluminum Alloy Wheels
- Jun 28, 2017 -

Aluminum wheels are "light weight", "high-speed", "modern" products, because it has a lot of steel wheels can not match the characteristics:


1, light weight, energy-saving effect is obvious.

Reduce the weight of the vehicle can be fuel-efficient, is well known, and is located in the vehicle under the suspension of the wheel, reflecting the vehicle's energy-saving effect is important.

1) different models and driving conditions, the fuel efficiency is different.

2) the same car with aluminum wheel instead of steel ring, can achieve significant energy saving effect of the fact is beyond doubt.


2, heat fast, high vehicle safety.

Aluminum alloy wheels with high thermal conductivity characteristics, very conducive to the car because of high-speed tire heat after the heat effect. Compared with the same conditions under the steel ring, reducing the long-distance car high-speed hot tire puncture may significantly improve the car's high-speed driving safety performance. Not only that, due to the cooling effect of aluminum wheels, any direct contact with the aluminum wheel parts (such as brake, etc.), but also relatively improve the life.

Aluminum alloy wheel structure and accuracy is more conducive to the installation of radial tires, easier to achieve the modern wheel "no tubing." Tubeless tires, if the tire in the driving into the nails like "puncture", as long as not to pull out, it will not be like a tire because of tire tires as a result of sudden frustration and rollover accident. Tubeless tires encounter "puncture", the general at least can adhere to an hour, or even longer, which is driving on the highway car safety, has a particularly important significance.


3, the size of high precision, good vehicle performance

Cast aluminum alloy wheels are ultimately required by the NC machine tool processing process, so whether the wheel roundness, end and radial accuracy, are not the traditional rolling steel ring can be compared. The dimensional accuracy of the wheel directly affects the driving performance of the vehicle, especially for high-speed vehicles more prominent, such as the vehicle in the driving grip, waile and smooth, in case of unexpected braking, etc. In the wheel with sufficient accuracy under the premise of the vehicle to ensure high speed and smooth driving. (Normally, the radial and end-to-run allowances of conventional steel rings are ± 1mm; the control range of ordinary aluminum wheels is ± 0.5mm; high-grade car wheels are ± 0.3mm). Similarly, the high accuracy of the wheel also contributed to the sensitivity of the vehicle speed, such as the Audi car from the start to 100KM / H speed acceleration time, in the use of aluminum wheels, reduced by 0.3 seconds.


4, changing fashion style more suited to the requirements of modern vehicles

1) style easy to change: with casting to do aluminum wheel, you can create any space surface and shape to match the different models to meet the requirements of different users. With the appearance of the car with the ever-changing fashion and market competition needs, the wheel as a "green lacquer safflower" status more and more prominent, aluminum wheels become a modern car fashion response products.

2) aluminum alloy wheel surface by painting or polishing, after plating not only has a good wear and tear corrosion, its beautiful, luxurious appearance more popular owners favor.

To sum up, it can be concluded that the aluminum alloy wheels are the products of "high speed", "energy saving" and "modern fashion" of automobiles. With the rapid development and development of the automobile market, not only most cars Aluminum wheels, and more and more medium-sized, large cars (buses, trucks, etc.) are using large-size aluminum alloy wheels, with aluminum wheels to gradually replace the traditional trend of the steel ring has become increasingly evident, it can be said that aluminum The wheels have an infinite broad market outlook!