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Draft Of Intellectual Auto Development Strategy From China Development And Reform Comission
- Jan 09, 2018 -

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- On January 5, 2018, National Development and Reform Commission of PRC released a draft of the innovative development strategy of intelligent vehicles for public comments.

In this draft, it firstly elucidates the development blueprint of China's intelligent auto industry.

It states that by the end of 2020, the framework of technical innovation, industrial ecosystem, traffic network facilities, product regulations and information security will be basically formed. The sales of intelligent vehicles will account for over 50% of total vehicle sales in 2020. 

It is predicted that in 2020, over 30 million vehicles may be sold in China. If intelligent vehicles could really take up 50% of overall auto sales, then the annual sales of intelligent vehicle will reach more than 15 million units among which the sales of L3 (including higher level) intelligent vehicles are expected to surpass 3 million units.

Meanwhile, LTE-V2X will cover 90% of China’s major cities and expressways. Satellite navigation system BeiDou with extreme accuracy will accomplish full coverage around China.

By 2025, China should form a more mature nationwide intelligent vehicle system on basis of 2020. 5G-V2X basically meet the demands of China’s auto industry development. Almost every new vehicle will be featured with intelligent applications and synergy of drivers, vehicles, roads and cloud will be achieved.

By 2035, China plans to become an automobile power in the world with its intelligent vehicles renowned globally and build an intelligent auto society of security, high efficiency and civilization.