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Do You Know This Knowledge About The Brake Disc?
- Jul 25, 2017 -

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brake disc

Brake discs are divided into physical brake discs and ventilated panels. Physical brake disc,which is a piece of metal for the brake disc, no special structure. Ventilation plate is divided into two forms, namely, scribing and opening plate, the role of the two methods are to improve the cooling performance of the brake disc to reduce the degree of thermal attenuation, to provide better braking capacity.

Brake discs are divided into carbon fiber ceramic brakes and metal brakes in different ways. However, due to the high manufacturing cost of carbon fiber ceramic brakes and the poor braking force at low temperatures, although they have excellent heat resistance, Not selected by most vehicles. In order to increase the ability of heat-resistant attenuation, there are manufacturers of metal brakes for carbon fiber processing, so that this ability to fine, while avoiding carbon fiber ceramic material low temperature performance problems

Brake discs are definitely used to brake, and their braking force comes from the caliper. Generally speaking, the general caliper is fixed inside the brake piston pump part, the outside is a caliper structure. The piston is fixed to the piston pump and the outer brake plate is fixed to the outside of the caliper The piston presses the inner brake plate through the pressure of the brake tubing and pulls the caliper through the reaction force so that the outside brake is inward. The brake disc generates the braking force through the friction between the brake disc and the inner and outer brake pads, which in this way push the piston against the brake fluid, that is, the hydraulic oil.

For hand brakes, the use of cable through a lever structure of the body, forced to pull the brake pads, so that they are pressed with the brake disc, resulting in braking force.