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Difference Between Traditional Brake Pads And The Ceramic Brake Pads
- Aug 09, 2017 -

Ceramic brakes to subvert the traditional sense of the concept of brakes, ceramic brake pads is more easy to clean,andtahat is a  better performance products. For example: ceramic brake pads less noise, the color is relatively lighter than other brake pads, do you know the difference between ceramic brakes and metal brakes?


1, the biggest difference between ceramic brakes and traditional brake pads is no metal. Usually in the friction when the metal will be depleted, but the ceramic will not appear this situation, and the general use of the brake pads when the noise is also very large, the installation of ceramic brakes, in normal driving, will not produce abnormal clamor . But the ceramic will not have noise, when used more comfortable.

2, the braking capacity is good, mainly to see the friction coefficient, which we may not be very clear, in the brake process due to friction heat, working temperature increases, the general brake pads friction material by the temperature, the friction coefficient began to decline The In the practical application will reduce the friction, thereby reducing the braking effect. Ceramics have the effect of high temperature, so the friction coefficient will not often change, but also in the use of time do not have to worry about the situation because of the high temperature. Its stability is very good.

3, long life, beauty will not change, the use of time without scratches, and his formula is unique, there will be no broken foam left on the brake device. Ceramic material life than ordinary semi-metal to improve more than 50%.

4, with good mechanical strength and physical properties. Able to withstand greater pressure and shear force. And the heat will not affect the brake.

5, the general brake film thermal recession of low, high temperature and emergency braking when the brake oil temperature increases the brake brake delay, or even loss of braking effect of low safety factor, the ceramic is more secure.