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Building The Silicon Valley Of Automobile Industry
- Apr 11, 2017 -

1、Full coverage of automotive core technology

The science park to realize industry production and research mission of the center point of fusion. The science park has carrier office area of 8000 square meters, set the Ai car public record, car theme cafe, the automotive industry incubator. Automobile public technology platform innovation park covers the whole process of relying on the vehicle development, and performance benchmarking, active and passive safety, chassis performance, automatic system development, powertrain, energy saving, thermal management, automotive electronics, new energy, test evaluation and validation and other fields,The moment of Semimetal brake pads and Non asbestos organic matter type nao brake pad is one of the important research projects of kechuang garden has achieved full coverage in the area of the core technology,  and through the long-term accumulation of data to cultivate engineering development ability of integrated high precision simulation system.

2、Crack technology transformation of the last mile

According to statistics, kechuang garden has been approved by the tianjin venture capital guiding fund fund projects, in view of the early project, total 100 million yuan. Are planning of tianjin science and technology to declare little giant enterprise industrial m&a to guide fund fund, aimed at growth stage project, total 400 million yuan. Also plans to introduce and cultivate the vehicle research and development through investment platform, parts enterprise technology center, little giant enterprise of science and technology and innovative science and technology enterprises. As RGL kechuang garden center construction, hopes to use its own industrial advantages, supplemented by market investment and financing tools, push the car technology capitalization and application level,Produce better Automotive Car Front Brake Pads and auto disc Brake pad e - mark Brake Pads ,"the last kilometer" of technology transformation.

3、Global high-end talent pool

Talent is the foundation of innovation and development, professional talents of innovation park project, provide strategic support in screening plays an indispensable role. The science park through different forms of cooperation within the industry, including key technologies and joint research projects, the introduction of landing joint laboratories, joint development center, to achieve resource integration, maximize each partner's advantage and resource efficiency, have the ability to form common platform. Through a variety of possible ways, gathered at home and abroad universities, research institutions in the field of professional experts and scholars, the formation of different forms, different professional fields, different links in the industrial chain of research teams and carriers.