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Brake Pads
- Jan 19, 2017 -

At present, the bond brakes on the domestic attention is not enough, still used to riveting fixed, the main reason is worried, suspected and suspected of high prices. It seems to worry and doubt is unnecessary, there are precedents, why fear all. Admittedly, the initial cost of bonding a bit higher than the riveting, but the service life, the maintenance period of the overall efficiency of the beam point of view, bonding than riveting to cost-effective, so the dry method should be Vigorously promote the use.

Automotive brake pads are divided into discs and drums, the two curing process and performance requirements are different, so the adhesive used are also different. Disc brake when the temperature is higher, requiring glue Jing agent high heat resistance and faster curing speed, the use of adhesives are phenolic - acetal glue, J-147C, J-04 and so on. In addition to the requirements of drum heat-resistant adhesive, but also have good impact resistance to phenolic-based adhesive, such as J-147.J a 147B, HSA and so on.