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Brake Pad Friction Material Development Of Three Stages
- Oct 23, 2017 -

With the development of society, people on the brake pad friction material requirements are getting higher and higher, people asked to improve the brake pad also promote the rapid development of friction materials. Brake friction material development can be divided into three stages, each stage of the division are essentially technical progress and people on environmental protection and other factors as a higher demand as the basis, the brake pad friction material industry from the original High pollution, low efficiency, high energy consumption gradually transformed into low pollution, high efficiency, low energy consumption industry, and gradually realize the industrial production process.

The first stage can be seen as the beginning of the mid-70s of last century, this stage is the starting phase of brake pad friction material, in this stage the main reinforcement fiber is asbestos fiber. However, with the development of science and technology, people found that asbestos has a strong carcinogenic effect. Therefore, from the mid-70s, brake pad friction materials industry in some developed countries, especially the United States, Western Europe and other countries, had to accept an important reality, that is, asbestos shall not be used in the brake pad friction material.

Followed by the second stage, this stage is mainly due to the outbreak of the world energy crisis, so that energy conservation has become an important indicator. In addition, due to the improvement of vehicle speed and environmental protection and other requirements, some foreign people began to non-asbestos brake pad friction material research, has developed a number of new brake pad friction materials, such as semi-metal, sintering, alternative fiber reinforced or polymer Material bonding, composite fiber and other brake pad friction material.

The third stage is from the mid-80s to date, with the new brake pad friction material and disc brake brake pad friction material rapid development, people developed steel fiber, carbon fiber, ceramic fiber as a reinforced fiber brake pad friction Materials, industrial production also will grow and develop. This stage of foreign auto industry to pollution-free, high-speed, lightweight, efficient, energy-saving and other direction of rapid development.