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Brake Disc Surface Smooth, The Emergence Of New Parts Of The Device Abnormal Reasons
- Aug 15, 2017 -

Brake disc is an indispensable part of the car, the quality of the brake disc directly affect the car driving safety and energy consumption problems, sometimes the brake disc is obviously normal, after the installation will appear abnormal sound.Do you know the reason?


A: The first reason for this may be the repair workers to install the brake pads, remove the brake surface can only see the local friction traces. Solution: you can remove it and  re-installation.

B: The second reason: the current domestic manufacturers, the same type of brake pads friction block size is inconsistent, especially the width of the friction block, the size of the deviation between manufacturers up to three millimeters. This will cause the brake disc surface to look smooth, but the size of the brake pads if the size of the brake pads to the small brake pads on the same brake will ring. Treatment: first CD-ROM, such as CD-ROM can not drive for some time, until the traces of anastomosis will not sound.

C: The third reason, after a period of time suddenly sounded, most of the time due to the brakes happened to have hardwood on the road such as gravel, iron scraps and other clips on the brake pads. This situation is not only sound, and easy to hurt the disk. But when the inspection is removed, sometimes foreign matter has fallen off or worn away. Treatment: CD, such as the film should be removed after the installation of foreign body. This is often the case of injury is just hurt the two sides of the four sides of the surface,and is easy to see. But if the driver does not explain the reasons, it is easy to lead to claims.

D: Driving after a period of time. But not squeaky, but crashed sound, which may be caused by loose accessories on the brake pads. Remedy: Re-tighten or replace the new film.

B: Product factor.

Here is the sound of the brake disc surface is completely smooth appearance of the case. The reason is that the current state prohibits the use of asbestos-containing brakes, but the domestic manufacturers generally do, and some small manufacturers are still in the production and sales of asbestos-containing brake pads. Semi-metallic non-asbestos brakes Although the long mileage, conducive to environmental protection and personal health, but the material is too hard and asbestos brake pads due to soft materials, often even if the brake disc will not scratched, and the brake feel soft Kind of situation can only replace the new film.