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Brake Disc Manufacturers Introduce Some Performance Indicators Of Brake Pads
- Mar 21, 2018 -

    There are many performance indexes of brake pads. The performance of the same brake pad is quite different under different temperatures, different speeds and different braking pressures. The main performances are as follows:

1.Braking performance refers to the braking capability (friction coefficient) of the brake pad under normal braking condition (that is, lower braking temperature).

2.Decline performance: under the condition of mountain road downhill and so on, the brake continues to brake, the temperature rises rapidly, the brake ability of the brake disc will become worse, and the braking distance will increase. This phenomenon is called "recession". The decline rate of the high quality brake disc is very small and not even declination, and some of the fake and inferior products are badly declinated and almost lose the braking ability at high temperature.

3.Recovery performance: is it possible to restore the original braking performance as soon as the temperature drops when the temperature drops? This is also an important indicator of the quality of the brake pads.

4.Wear: it refers to the wear and tear in the use of the brake.

5.Noise: in fact, there are many factors that cause the braking noise, and the brake is only one of them. It is generally believed that the brakes are too hard to produce noise.

6.Other performance indexes such as shear strength, hardness, compression rate, thermal expansion, water absorption, adhesion and so on.