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Analysis Of Vehicle Braking System Analysis Of Traffic Safety Precautions
- Apr 28, 2017 -

The main function of the braking system is to slow down the car in the car or even stop, so that the speed of the car downhill to maintain is stability, so that the car has been stopped to stop. The action of the brake is by the brake calipers to push the friction plate and brake disc close, so as to rely on friction to slow down the vehicle. This process seems simple, but the entire system requires brake pedal, brake master cylinder, brake caliper pump and hydraulic pipe support.

At present, most models use disc brakes, only some commercial vehicles or small car rear brake for the drum structure. Unlike the closed drum brakes, the disc brakes are open. The heat generated during the braking process can be quickly dispersed, has a good braking performance, has now been widely used in cars.

Disc brake is mainly composed of brake disc, brake caliper, friction plate, sub-pump, tubing and other parts. The disc brake is applied to the brake caliper by means of a hydraulic system so that the brake friction plate is rubbed against the brake disc which rotates with the wheel so as to achieve the purpose of braking.


For the mainstream disc brakes, the temperature rise will not only lead to braking performance attenuation, but also lead to brake disc overheating and many other problems, so whether the game, or modified, we need a more powerful brake disc to help us reduce Speed, therefore, ventilated disc, composite ceramic and other brakes on this and students.

From the outside, it has a lot of holes in the circle to the center of the hole, it uses the car in the driving force generated by the centrifugal force can make air convection, to achieve the purpose of heat, so much better than ordinary solid disc cooling effect. Ventilation Brake disc interior is hollow or hit a lot of holes in the brake disc, cold air can be cooled from the middle through.

Resistance to disc brake heat attenuation, we must work hard in the brake system material, we need a lighter, more solid, and can resist the special temperature of the special material. Which will have a composite ceramic material. The so-called composite ceramic is not used in our life ordinary ceramics, but in 1700 degrees high temperature carbon fiber and silicon carbide synthesis of enhanced material. Ceramic brake discs are only half the weight of ordinary cast iron discs, the weight of the suspension is less conducive to the flexibility of the steering mechanism, and the composite ceramic material has a very good heat resistance, the heat resistance than the ordinary brake disc Out many times

Ceramic brake discs can produce maximum braking force at the initial stage of the brake, and the overall braking is faster than the conventional brake system and the braking distance is shorter. However, its price is very expensive, only high-end models will be assembled.