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An Overview Of Automotive Brake
- Jan 19, 2017 -

Wear rate (volume) <6x10 cubic centimeters (kg.m), in 350 ℃ the following effective brake, the service life than the asbestos-based friction products long 1 (1), the friction coefficient of the friction coefficient ~ 2 times.

Metal fiber is mainly used in steel fiber, which play in the plastic to enhance and enhance the role of heat resistance. The main technical requirements are: ① chemical composition: low carbon content of about 0.15%, other elements of Fe> 99%, Si 0.04%, P ~ 0.05%, Mn 0.5%, N ~ 0.15%. If the carbon content is high, not only the steel is not easy fiber, and hardness; ② fineness: the finer the steel fiber, the better the friction properties of products. Generally require an average diameter of less than 100um;

L / D = 100 ~ 300; ④ surface and cross-section geometry: vibration cutting method, melting method, scraping method of the system of steel, the length of the short fiber length and diameter ratio and the steel fiber surface and cross-sectional geometry, The surface of the fiber is more irregular and has convex and concave groove, and the strength of the resin is high, so the product exhibits higher friction coefficient and lower wear rate.