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Brake Disc Is A Component In A Braking System To Create A Braking Force That Hinders Vehicle Movement Or Movement.
- Jul 31, 2017 -

Brake disc, the brake disc is a metal disc, that made of alloy steel and fixed on the wheel, with the wheel rotation. When the vehicle is braked, the brake caliper clamps the brake disc to slow down or stops. The general brake disc has a round hole, its role is to reduce the weight and increase the friction. Brake discs are numerous, characterized by thin walls, discs and centers formed by sand cores. Different types of brake discs, in the disk diameter, disc thickness and the size of the gap between the two disc repancies, plate hub thickness and height are also different.


A brake is a component in a braking system to create a braking force that hinders vehicle movement or movement. In addition to a variety of slow brake devices, almost all the use of fixed components and rotating parts of the working surface friction to produce brake torque friction brake. At present, all kinds of cars widely used friction brake according to the different rotating elements can be divided into drum and disc two categories. The difference between them is that the rotating element in the drum brake friction pair is a brake drum and its cylindrical surface is the working surface. The rotating element in the disc brake friction plate is a disc-shaped brake disc, For the working surface.


Generally no friction auxiliary role, so the brake performance by the friction factor of the smaller, that is more stable performance;

Less performance after water reduction, and only one or two brakes can be restored to normal;

In the case of the same output braking torque, the size and mass are smaller than the drum brakes;

The amount of thermal expansion of the brake disc in the thickness direction is extremely small, and the brake pedal stroke is not excessively increased as in the case of a brake drum,

Easier to achieve automatic adjustment of the gap, other maintenance and repair operations are relatively simple.