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The front engine of the car is front-wheel drive
- Jan 19, 2017 -

Front-engine front-wheel drive vehicle drive system, which we usually refer to FF. In addition to some high-performance sports car, we currently see in the street cars are generally used front engine. why? Obviously, the engine placed in the front, you can increase the internal space of the car, so that ride more quiet, so long as not in pursuit of high performance super sports car seems to RV or SUV such cars are using front engine layout.

Front-wheel drive vehicles in the dynamic safety of driving than the rear-wheel drive to be higher, front-wheel drive vehicles in the straight road travel better, the most common example is the case of high-speed cornering, the general driver The front wheel-driven car will have a high-speed cornering role in the thrust, when the driver as long as the loose throttle deceleration, the car's turning angle will narrow, so that the car Return to the turn of the road up, however, for the rear wheel drive car over the situation, unless it is a professional driver, or the probability of an accident will be far away from the front-wheel drive vehicle.