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The Development Trend of Auto Parts Industry
- Jan 19, 2017 -

At present, although the overall global economic downturn, but according to nearly four to five years of actual procurement practices, the results of Chinese procurement is not as optimistic as a large number of companies speculation, almost 80% of the companies did not meet their purchase and purchase cost aims. Auto parts production enterprises from the vehicle business and the formation of specialized parts groups, is becoming a global trend. Internationally renowned auto and parts enterprises, almost all in China to establish a joint venture or wholly-owned enterprises, the introduction of technology joint ventures has more than 1,000. In this case,

The wheels of the car because the car was able to travel on the road, when the car to stop, how do? The driver can not like the cartoon in the brake system with the same foot to the ground to prevent the car forward, this time have to rely on the car's brake device to make the car speed down and stopped. Braking device by friction between the brake pads and disc or disc, and friction in the process of moving the car when the kinetic energy into heat consumed.