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Self-braking force cutting-edge enterprise strength and brand both
- Jan 19, 2017 -

Recently, sponsored by the HC auto parts network, "the first 2010 China Auto Parts Industry Forum and channel operators are most satisfied with the top ten brand selection" 30 Internet voting is fierce competition. The "top 10 brakes cutting-edge enterprise" campaign approaching white-hot, Hangzhou crown British Automotive Components Co., Ltd. and Yangjiang City East Teng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. far ahead, and Guangzhou Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. is a new force, Have come from behind the trend. I believe they will be through this event in the brand promotion to achieve rapid results, so that more customers understand our self-braking the strength of cutting-edge enterprises.

Reporter called the current number of votes in the forefront of the support of the strength of enterprises, they expressed concern about the high degree of this event, a great value on the majority of users and customers of their own brand of trust and support. And they hope that through this event can further promote the brand, so that more customers and users that our cutting-edge enterprises can also be super strength.