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Poor quality of materials and brake pads harm
- Jun 12, 2017 -

Braking system of two basic parts - brake discs and brake pads, the key generated by the vehicle braking; type material into asbestos, semi-metallic and non-asbestos type have:

Asbestos type

         Asbestos brake pads are characterized by low cost and light weight, but the friction material will release nano-scale heavy metal particles, is an important source of air pollution, the body can cause lung cancer after inhalation of the lungs, so the state mandatory regulations shall not produce asbestos brake pads.

Semi-metallic type

         Semi-metallic hybrid brake pads are currently widely used on the market, its high wear resistance and relatively low price characteristics; but due to material reasons, strong thermal conductivity, brake noise, the brake disc damage is relatively large.

Asbestos-free type

         Comparison of semi-metallic hybrid brakes, non-asbestos organic models using mixed materials (including carbon, glass fiber, ceramics, etc.), the brake pads in the wear resistance and noise control has been greatly improved, but because of the cost of mixed materials Higher, the market price is generally expensive.