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Introduction to disc brakes. What do you know about these key knowledge?
- Jul 26, 2017 -

Disc brake with hydraulic type, by the hydraulic control, the main parts of the brake disc, sub-pump, brake caliper, tubing and so on. The brake disc is made of alloy steel and fixed to the wheel, with the wheel rotation.


The cylinder is fixed on the bottom plate of the brake fixed, the two clamps on the brake caliper are mounted on both sides of the brake disc, the piston of the cylinder is operated by the hydraulic function of the tubing to push the friction plate to the brake The disc frictions the brake, the action is like with a pliers to clamp the rotating plate, forcing it to stop the same. Disc brakes fast heat, light weight, simple structure, easy to adjust. Especially when the high load performance is high, the braking effect is stable, and is not afraid of mud water invasion, in the winter and bad road driving, disc brake drum brake is easier than in a short period of time to stop the car. Many cars used disc brakes are flat brake discs, perforated brake discs and scribing brake discs, in which the brake wheel brake effect and ventilation and cooling capacity are better.

Disc brake along the brake disc to the force, the brake shaft from bending moment, radial size is small, stable braking performance.

The rotating element in the disc brake friction pair is a metal disc that operates on the end face and is called a brake disc. Its fixed element is a variety of structural types, generally can be divided into two categories. One is the working area of the friction block and its metal back plate composed of brake pads, each brake has 2 to 4. These brake blocks and their actuators are mounted in clamp clamps on either side of the brake disc, collectively referred to as the caliper.

This brake disc consisting of a brake disc and a brake caliper is called a chuck-type brake. Another type of fixed element metal back plate and friction plate is also disc-shaped, brake disc all the work surface can also be in contact with the friction plate, this brake is called the whole brake. Clamp disc brakes have only been used as central brakes in the past, but are now increasingly being used as wheel brakes by cars and trucks at all levels. Full-scale brakes Only a few cars (mainly heavy-duty vehicles) are used as wheel brakes. Here only introduced clamp disc brakes. Clamp disc brakes can be divided into fixed chuck and floating pliers two types.