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Installation and adjustment of disc brake related devices
- May 22, 2017 -

Before installing the brake, adjust the adjustment switch to the shortest position in the limit switch or temporarily remove the whole, adjust with the brake, and then restore and adjust so that the adjustment of the brake clearance (refilling) will smash the limit switch. Clean the brake disc and dry lotion. Check the surface deflection of the brake disc, its value should not be greater than the design requirements. Installation and adjustment board cleaning. Two or more brake shoe pieces of the brake pad between the thickness of the gap adjustment nut. The disc brakes are installed in place and in accordance with the bolt requirements, the bolts on the feet, but do not die. Check the torque lever with the torque wrench to connect the brakes and brackets and tighten the torque required on the drawing. Connecting pipes, disc brakes and hydraulic power stations.

Rotate the adjustment nut, brake shoes and then to the brake disc into about 0.5MPa, oil and natural gas contact, and brake disc, and then increase the pressure Pmax. The gap between the brake shoe and the brake disc of the adjustment nut is 0.5mm, and then the nut is rotated in the reverse direction. The gap between the brake shoe and the brake disc is increased to 0.8mm, and the nut is adjusted to the top two bolts. Reduce the pressure, so that the residual pressure of the brake disc and brake shoes to maintain repeated action three times, check the correct installation location. Such as support and support board contact adjustable horn plate, which is close to the bottom bracket.


  Tighten the fixing bolts and check that the mounting position has changed, such as whether to change, to determine the cause, and re-adjust. The installed iron pad group and the plate are welded together and then filled twice. A brake shoe with a grinding contact area greater than 60%. Load test: According to the hoist, hydraulic station instructions, the brake, emergency braking, double braking, lifting, down speed and other tests were studied.

  Install the disc brakes and connect the tube or repair the refill system to release the air, otherwise it will affect the brake system working hours and so on. Remove the protective cover of the exhaust pressure micro-connector, which can be reduced, and the joint pressure venting device or wire is connected to the micro-pressure valve (low pressure operation) until the foam is released.


   After installation and use, the new disc brakes should be adjusted after the brake clearance should be adjusted. Adjust the method: the pressure increases to Pmax, the brake oil pressure, the two adjusting nuts loose, the bolt and the screw wrench adjust the nut, the brake shoe, gradually close to the 0.5mm gap between the brake disc, and then reverse adjust the nut rotation, The gap is 1 ~ 1.5mm, can be repeated several times the time is correct, and then bolt on the brake mechanism.