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How to manufacture a car brake disc
- Jun 30, 2017 -

Brake disc processing requirements

Brake disc is an important part of the brake system, good brake disc brake stability, no noise, no jitter. So the processing requirements are higher, as follows:

1, brake discs are casting products, the surface requirements can not exist trachoma, porosity and other casting defects, to ensure that the brake disc strength and stiffness, to prevent the occurrence of external forces in the accident.

2, disc brakes use the two brake surface, so the brake surface accuracy requirements are higher, but also to ensure the location accuracy.

3, in the brake will have a high temperature, the middle of the brake disc should be designed duct, easy to heat.

4, the middle of the brake disc hole, is the main benchmark for the assembly. So the process of processing holes is particularly important, the current commonly used BN-S30 material for processing tools.

brake disc processing technology

Brake disc commonly used material for China's gray cast iron 250 standard, referred to as HT250. The main chemical composition is: C (3.1-3.4), Si (1.9-2.3), Mn (0.6-0.9), hardness requirements between 187-241. Brake disc roughing using cast, after heat treatment to improve the casting process of internal stress generated to reduce the deformation, cracking phenomenon, improve the machinability of castings. After screening, will meet the requirements of the blank pieces for machining. The process is as follows:

1, rough car large round surface

2, rough car in the hole

3, rough car small round face, side and right side of the brake surface

4, rough car left brake surface and the hole

5, semi-fine car large round surface, the left side of the brake surface and the hole

6, semi-fine car small round face, the end of the hole and the right side of the brake surface

7, fine car slot and the right side of the brake surface

8, fine car left brake surface and small round face, fine left side of the bottom round, the hole chamfer

9, drilling to deburring, blowing iron scrap

10, storage

Tool selection for machining brake discs

BN-S30 material of the tool in the processing brake disc industry has been widely used. BN-S30 material of the tool to ensure that the brake disc to obtain a good processing surface finish and brightness, and improve the processing efficiency, can achieve high temperature stable cutting, BN-S30 material tool cutting brake disc case.

Processing: rough and semi-fine car

Cutting parameters:

Ap = 2.5mm

Fr = 0.45 mm / r

Vc = 350 m / min

Cutting method: dry cutting.