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How to identify ceramic brakes efficiently
- Aug 14, 2017 -

Ceramic brakes have a large number of ceramic fibers, these ceramic fibers have a stable coefficient of friction, it can reduce the thermal recession, thereby enhancing the impact strength of the product. Ceramic brake pads have the following three characteristics: wear, brake more sensitive, reduce the damage to the brake pads. Ceramic brake pads not only wear, but also improve the braking performance.


Ceramic brakes three major features:

1. Super wear:

A lot of brake pads are not wearable, it is important to withstand the high temperature, car brake process, the instant temperature reaches 200-500 degrees, after 200-500 degrees after the high temperature, the brake material will be carbonized, thermal decomposition, Thermal decline caused by the brake effect is reduced, the brake pads burning candle, wear is usually 3-5 times, seriously affecting the life of the brake pads. While the ceramic fiber 800 degrees up to the high temperature, effectively inhibit the "hot wear", so super wear.

2. Brake sensitive:

Ceramic formula brake pads are made of ceramic fiber, iron-free filler material, imported resin as a binder, the scientific preparation. Ceramic brake pads make the dual (hub) friction surface smooth, bright, contact area, so the braking force, brake smooth, sensitive.

3. Do not hurt the dual:

Ceramic brake pads friction coefficient is stable, small fluctuations, the brake wheel will not be locked, to extend the use of tires, ceramic brakes from metal-free filler material and other raw materials from the preparation, because no metal, so no (less) Injury pairs (brake hub).

Tell us how to identify ceramic brakes

method one:

With the color of the distinction between ceramic brakes We professional staff called "bone gray", looks a bit like a pebble surface but not thorny. There may be a high branch of the metal brakes, it may contain a small amount of ceramic, On a large number of metal. Metal we all know what is the color of the table.

Method Two:

Hand brake. The ceramic brake with a finger on the surface of the brake pad will not leave any black or other color in the hand, of course, dust exception. Metal brakes in this way will be left in the hands of metal black ink.

Method 3:

Specifically the use of water wet, ceramic brakes with water is not raw embroidery. Metal brakes we all know that in the absence of Kaifeng before the original and deputy factory are sealed. Do not say water, not open the packaging where a day or two Will be embroidered.

Method 4:

After the trial, the ceramic brake pads and brake pads after the friction is white powder, will not hurt the brake disc. Metal brake pads are black powder, we all know that it contains a variety of carbon and other corrosive powder.