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Disadvantages and Benefits of Disc Brakes
- Aug 02, 2017 -

Brake discs are definitely used to brake, and their braking force comes from the caliper. Generally speaking, the general caliper is fixed inside the brake piston pump part, the outside is a caliper structure. The piston is fixed to the piston pump and the outer brake plate is fixed to the outside of the caliper .The piston presses inner brake plate through the pressure of the brake tubing and pulls the caliper through the reaction force so that the outside brake is inward. The brake disc generates the braking force through the friction between the brake disc and the inner and outer brake pads, which in this way push the piston against the brake fluid, that is the hydraulic oil.

For hand brakes, the use of cable through a lever structure of the body, forced to pull the brake pads, so that they are pressed with the brake disc, resulting in braking force.


The advantages of disc brakes

1, disc brakes better than the drum brake heat, in the continuous tread brake when the brake will not cause a brake failure caused by the phenomenon of failure.

2, the brake disc after heating the size of the change does not make the brake pedal stroke increase.

3, disc brake system response quickly, do high-frequency braking action, which is more in line with the needs of ABS systems.

4, disc brakes without drum brakes automatically tightening effect, so the left and right wheels of the brake force is more average.

5, because the brake disc drainage is better, can reduce the water or sediment caused by poor braking situation.

6, compared with the drum brake, the disc brake structure is simple, and easy to repair.

Disadvantages of disc brakes

1, because there is no drum brake automatic tightening effect, so that the disc brake force is less than the drum brake.

2, disc brake  and brake pads between the friction area than the drum brake small, so that the power of the brake is relatively small.

3, in order to improve the shortcomings of the disc brakes, so the need for greater trampling force or oil pressure. It is necessary to use a larger diameter brake disc, or to improve the braking system of oil pressure to improve the braking force.

4, hand brake device is not easy to install, and some rear wheel use disc brake models for this and add a group of drum brakes brake mechanism.

5, the brake pads of the larger wear, the replacement frequency may be higher.