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Brake shoe manufacturers to explain the causes of brake failure and five effective ways to deal with
- Jan 19, 2017 -

1. According to road conditions and speed control a good direction, off high-speed block, while the rapid H-foot air oil, high-speed block into low-speed block. In this way, the engine will have a lot of traction resistance to the rapid reduction of speed. In addition, in the low-speed gear at the same time, should be combined with handbrake, but pay attention to the handbrake can not be tightened, and can not pull too slow. If pulled too tight, easy to make the brake disc "lock", is likely to damage the transmission parts and loss of braking capacity; if pulled too slow, will brake disc wear ablation and loss of braking effect.

2. The use of car bumpers, carriages and other steel parts and roadside natural obstacles (rocks, trees or soil slope) friction, collision, to force the purpose of out of danger, as much as possible to reduce accident losses.

3. Uphill brake failure occurs, should be timely reduced into the low block, to maintain sufficient power to drive up the hillside parking. For Banpo parking, should keep moving forward low gear, tighten the hand brake, vehicle personnel in a timely manner with stones, staples and other objects stuck wheels. If the rear slip phenomenon, the rear should be facing the hillside or a safe side, and open the headlights and emergency lights, causing the attention of vehicles before and after.