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Brake piece material and service life
- Jul 20, 2017 -


Brake piece material: asbestos brake pads, semi-metal brakes, small metal brakes, NAO formula brakes, ceramic brakes, NAO ceramic brakes.

1, basically all cars are used when the factory is semi-metal brakes, this brake pad coefficient of friction is generally low coefficient of 0.38 life is short, some manufacturers of this brake pads to do a high coefficient of friction, which There is another disadvantage that prone to noise. Of course, noise and brake discs also have a certain relationship.

2, the price of a small metal brakes slightly higher than the performance of some semi-metal will be higher, this type of brake pads are mid-range, but in the eyes of consumers do not recognize, in fact, the cost of this brake is still very high, this Brake pads are suitable for any car, because it is difficult for consumers to distinguish the difference between such brakes and semi-metallic brakes so many customers are not very recognized for this brake.

3, the most important feature of ceramic brakes is the braking force, high temperature, good thermal stability, wear and tear, performance greatly due to other ordinary brake pads, and now many high-end cars are used ceramic brakes. Ceramic brakes are the best choice for your car.

Second, the life of the brake pads

Brake and brake disc replacement time cycle is not fixed, depending on the vehicle driving road conditions, the driver step on the brake pedal frequency and intensity. General conventional brake pad replacement mileage is about 25,000 -3 million km per ride. General novice to drive more cost brakes because the control of the speed is not very like to go to the brakes, this will greatly shorten the life of the brake pads. Automatic transmission than the manual to stop the brake pads because the automatic block depends on the brake pedal and accelerator pedal.