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Brake discs should also pay attention to daily maintenance
- Aug 17, 2017 -

Compared with the brake pads, the brake disc loss is much slower than the brake pads, the general shop technicians will only prompt to replace the brake pads and brake oil. But the brake disc after a certain use of mileage (Participation, pictures, inquiry) will be worn after the brake disc surface is not smooth or brake disc thickness of less than the standard, long-term down will seriously affect the braking performance.


In general, like brakes so hard material, how can the car wash the brakes? In fact, in our daily use of the brake, the brake disc will be due to slowdown in vehicle friction and produce a lot of heat, the temperature will be high. And then the owner chose to car beauty shop car wash, brake discs have not had time to cool, cold water spray on the brake disc. When the steel brake disc is not a natural cooling but with water to quickly cool, the thermal expansion and contraction will make the steel brake disc distortion, serious cracks will occur. Brake disc deformation after the ride, the vehicle in the brakes when there will be significant jitter, and even brake deviation of the situation!

The discs with low degree of deformation can be balanced by means of "discs", but if the height of the brake disc is high, it is necessary to replace the new brake disc. Usually in the car beauty shop when the car wash, it is recommended to dry the car side of the natural cooling, and then car wash maintenance.

Competitive level of the brake pads for long-term limit the use of high temperature conditions, because the different materials and the use of different conditions, so the "hissing" is normal. But the general civilian car "hissing" brake should be noted that the abnormal response.

This may be the problem of the brakes, there are some owners to see a car brake pads are competitive level, that will be better than the general civil brake pads, who knows the brake worse at the same time there abnormal sound! Competitive level of the brake pads operating temperature is relatively high, to achieve a certain working temperature in order to normal braking, it is not suitable for civilian, general civil brake as long as the normal temperature is the normal working temperature, will be able to maintain the normal performance of the braking effect.

The other is the brake disc wear too much, the brake disc surface appears uneven formation, which may be hidden in the brake pads or brakes the material of the problem, and long-term cleaning and maintenance caused. Owners usually should pay attention to clean the brake pads and brake discs, reduce foreign body into the brake system, and replace the qualified brake pads.