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Automotive Brake System Brake Pad - Ceramic Brake Pad
- Aug 30, 2017 -

The concept of ceramic brakes, first proposed by the Americans. Ceramic brakes use non-metallic organic minerals extracted from natural stone, because the use of non-metallic natural minerals as raw materials, so the Americans made this material made of brake pads ceramic brakes.



Ceramic brake pads is the most important feature of the "0" metal, that is completely free of any metal material; therefore, ceramic brake pads and brake discs running is the best, that we usually say will not hurt;

Two features are high friction coefficient. Because of the nonmetallic material, ceramic brakes are relatively less thermally conductive, and the thermal damping of the brake pads is the most difficult, which is the technical difficulty of making true ceramic brakes. 

In order to ensure the braking performance of the ceramic brake pads, the friction coefficient of the ceramic brake pads is usually adjusted to 0.45 or more. Ceramic brake pads are more sensitive,it can effectively shorten the braking distance. Because the friction coefficient is high, how to control the noise, which became the ceramic brake pads manufacturing the second technical difficulties.


Ceramic brake pads are completely free of metal, so the cost is relatively expensive; because no metal, resulting in ceramic brake wear resistance decreased, and usually using the number of miles in 3-5 million kilometers.