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Top Quality Disc Brake Rotor From Professional And Experienced Manufacturer Of China

Top Quality Disc Brake Rotor From Professional And Experienced Manufacturer Of China

Formulated and precision-machined brake pads from professional and experienced China manufacturing factory, qualified brake parts become safeguard of our ccustomers. Quality is always put in our priority.

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Product Details

Sale Price: $ 3-7

● Improved Stopping Power

● Shims Included-Vibration/Noise Free

● Longer Lasting

● Cleaner wheels

● Install DNET Brake pads with total confidence






Model Number





ISO/TS16949:2002/ ISO14001


Brake Pads


155.1 mm


8K0 698 151 F





Fitting Position

Front Axle


FOB Qingdao


19.8-21.3 mm


Hydraulic Brake System


Within 35 days after payment

Product Description

Always we drivers are pursuing minimum brake fade even under hard driving. The vision can be reached applying our better quality and more aggressive brake pads. A predominantly metallic hybrid compound,3 0 to 65 percent of our materials are metallic, including copper, steel, graphite, iron powder, chopped steel wool or chopped steel wire. Material filtration is monitored in real time.

Our product quality is ensured from the source root. The strictly selected and proportioned metal elements make our brake pads resistant to heat and wear. The low wear rate prolongs appliance maintenance interval and usage life. You can use it for a long time.

From the Manufacturer

We recommend checking your brakes every 15,000/20,000 kilometers, but a check-up should be performed immediately if the vehicle presents signs of vibration:

• the warning light comes on (when one is present, and only for the brake pads)

• noise occurs during braking

• presence of vibrations

• presence of deep circular lines or radial cracks on the braking band

• signs of overheating

Baotai Auto Parts

Baotai Auto Parts Group is a domestic leader in the development and production of brake discs and pads. Baotai Auto Parts Group supplies makers of cars for both original equipment and original spare parts; we also produce and sell discs for the independent aftermarket.

To support our clients and cooperate with our respective global expansion strategies, we implement uniform and integrated processes to augment production and optimize logistics costs. Baotai can, therefore, offer our clients maximized competitiveness and increased service quality.

Brake Pad Production Line

pad produce1.jpg

pad produce2.jpg

pad test.jpg

Brake Disc Production Line

disc produce1.jpg

disc produce2.jpg

disc test.jpg

Welcome to buy the high quality and durable top quality disc brake rotor from professional and experienced manufacturer of china made in China from our factory. Equipped with advanced equipment and technology, we can assure you the high quality of our auot parts. Should you're interested in it, please be free to make contact with our manufacturers and suppliers.

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