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Bao Tai Professional Production Of High-quality Aluminum Wheels

We are able to offer a variety of models of aluminum wheels, We have made great achievements in the aluminum wheel production industry,our products are exported to many countries,we are ecpecting becom your long- term partner in china.

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Product Details

Bao Tai professional production of high-quality aluminum wheels

1.Product introduction of the aluminum wheels

These aluminum wheels are made of high quality aluminum alloy materials and advanced technology, we can assure you that the quality of products, our aluminum wheels have good heat dissipation,light weight ,good stability,more beautiful and the car is more comfortable.In addition, our products undergo a rigorous testing standards, please rest assured to buy our products!

We are able to offer a variety of models of aluminum wheels, We have made great achievements in the aluminum wheel production industry,our products are exported to many countries,we are ecpecting becom your long- term partner in china.

2.Product parameter(Specification)




21-24 Inch

Model   Number:








Car Make:



10 inch



Place of   Origin:

Shandong   China (Mainland)


40mm, Other


12 Months or   12K miles 

3.Product Feature And Application

Our products cost-effective, our products are made of advanced manufacturing technology and high-quality materials. The product has good heat dissipation performance, aluminum wheels can carry these calories into the air more quickly than steel wheels, improve product safety, greatly extend the tire life, reduce the chances of puncture, anti-vibration performance is better than steel wheels.


Baotai auto parts offer legendary quality with exacting standards. SIPAUTEC wheel rims ensure proper fitment and function. 


4.Production Details

Bo Tai is a strong manufacturer. Our products have passed strict production standards and quality inspection, through advanced production equipment, standardized manufacturing. Our products are exported to many overseas countries, and our products have been widely recognized.


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Brake Disc Production Line


Wheel Hub Production Line


5.Product Qualification

Baotai Auto Parts Group is a domestic leader in the development and production of brake parts, wheels, and tires. Baotai Auto Parts Group supplies makers of cars for both original equipment and original spare parts; we also produce and sell discs for the independent aftermarket.


To support our clients and cooperate with our respective global expansion strategies, we implement uniform and integrated processes to augment production and optimize logistics costs. Baotai can, therefore, offer our clients maximized competitiveness and increased service quality.



6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Sufficient Capacity Supply and strong packing to protect the customer's goods.

We are in your side when you need us.

Especially at these times: You are interested in our product, want to establish business relationship with us,

You have questions about the purchasing process, the charges of the transportation, the packing, the accurate specifications and the price of the product.

You have ideas about OEM and ODM.

Don't worry, the Trade Department will offer you good service sincerity with all the staff of our company.


Q:How do I track my order?

A:After placing your order, an email is sent to you containing a copy of your order and order number. When your order deliver, you will also receive an email from Brake Performance with your tracking numbers. You can check your delivery schedule on our website under "Order Tracking" and enter your order number, name, or email address to track your order. Alternatively, you can go to and track it from there.

Q:How does your lifetime warranty work?

A:If you have an issue with any of our Lifetime Warranty products, simply deliver the product back to us and we will deliver you out a new replacement, without reason. Refer to our product warranties at the bottom of the page, under warranties and policies.

8.Latest New

Wheel rim like car "shoe", perfect the vehicle model, if match with a pair of very general "shoe", so the overall image will be discounted, so don't ignore the wheel equipped vehicles. The visual impression of the wheel boss is the first, and it is this seemingly insouciant place that shows the owner's taste properly.

When the wheel rim surface is difficult to remove stains, should choose professional cleaning agents, this mild cleansing agents can effectively remove stains, reduce the damage on the surface of aluminum alloy. In addition, the wheel rim itself has a metal protective film, so be careful not to use paint polish or other abrasive material when cleaning. Also be careful in driving process, to avoid scratches to the rim "indifference", once the scratch or deformation, should as soon as possible to repair and repaint the processing.


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Welcome to buy the high quality and durable bao tai professional production of high-quality aluminum wheels made in China from our factory. Equipped with advanced equipment and technology, we can assure you the high quality of our auot parts. Should you're interested in it, please be free to make contact with our manufacturers and suppliers.