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Legendary Quality Products -Alloy Wheels For Benz

Our products are subjected to rigorous quality testing,our products have many models,these high quality alloy wheels are made of advanced technology. Our products are sold in many countries, we hope to be your longtime partner in China. We hope to establish a good relationship with you

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Product Details

Legendary Quality Products -Alloy  wheels  for  Benz

1.Product introduction

Baotai auto parts to provide the legendary quality with strict standards. We can provide you with better products in the alloy wheel manufacturing industry. Our products are subjected to rigorous quality testing,our products have many models, these high quality alloy wheels are made of advanced technology .we hope to be your longtime partner in China.


Baotai adopts domestic and foreign leading production equipment and advanced technology formula and produces brake discs, brake block, wheels, tires, etc, which are suitable for the domestic and international market demand, the perfect technology, advanced equipment and strict quality control system can ensure the quality of products in the leading position in domestic and abroad. 

2.Product parameter(Specification)




13-18 Inch

Model Number:

BY 157






ISO9001, TS16949, CCC

Car Make:



10 inch



Place of Origin:

Shandong China (Mainland)


40mm, Other


12 Months or 12K miles

3.Product Feature And Application

Our aolly wheels can cool themselves better during exercise to prevent damage to the wheels due to heat, our products are light weight, good stability, our products are more beautiful, and the car is more comfortable.Please rest assured to buy our products!


4.Production Details


QQ图片20170516093824.jpg QQ图片20170516093939.png


5. Product Qualification

 Baotai Auto Parts Group is a domestic leader in the development and production of brake parts, wheels, and tires. Baotai Auto Parts Group supplies makers of cars for both original equipment and original spare parts; we also produce and sell discs for the independent aftermarket.

To support our clients and cooperate with our respective global expansion strategies, we implement uniform and integrated processes to augment production and optimize logistics costs. Baotai can, therefore, offer our clients maximized competitiveness and increased service quality.

Brake Pad Production Line


Brake Disc Production Line


6. Deliver,Shipping And Serving


Shipped in 35 days after payment 


Mainly by sea, if you need other mode of transportation, please call and ask if we could transport to reach.


We are in your side when you need us.

Especially at these times: You are interested in our product, want to establish business relationship with us,

You have questions about the purchasing process, the charges of the transportation, the packing, the accurate specifications and the price of the product.


Q1:Can I order one set for private use ?

A1:Sure we can provide the suitable wheels as your car mold .


Q2:How can I buy them ?

A2:Please let me know your demand ,and we will quote you asap .After your confirmation , we will draft the contract  ,do the trade assurance .

8.Latest New

Baotai is a specialized manufacturer of automotive equipment, we have a very competitive service team, we have advanced product manufacturing technology, we use of standardized large-scale production equipment, in respect of customer requirements and friendly communication with customers to establish a good of the partnership, we have a wide range of foreign trade, including: the United States, Russia and other countries. Our attitude is good, 24 hours with customers seamless docking, to ensure that customers can contact us at the first time. In addition, we look forward to your contact here!

9.Contact Us

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Welcome to buy the high quality and durable legendary quality products -alloy wheels for benz made in China from our factory. Equipped with advanced equipment and technology, we can assure you the high quality of our auot parts. Should you're interested in it, please be free to make contact with our manufacturers and suppliers.